Crane Inspection Program

                Apple based foundation system- IPad- IPhone technology
  • Inspections- Versatile program used on cranes, hoists and runways

    • Custom form building
    • Ability to capture pictures to help explain deficiencies
    • Allows tech to input data for parts and time necessary to fix and repair (faster quoting)
  • Tracking- Allows for individual asset identifying and monitoring

    • Each piece of equipment has its own report and is easy to monitor known issues
    • Utilize QR tags for quick and easy equipment identification
    • Can also be used with scan programs such as RFID (radio frequency identification)
  • Scheduling- Built in management system

    • Allows for faster scheduling of inspections including copying previous tasks
    • Progress can be tracked in real time.....know exactly where tech is in the process
    • Reports can be generated, printed and sent to customer before tech leaves site
  • Reporting- Allows for customized metrics to produce readable analytics

    • You can build various chart or graph based reports
    • Printable reports on meeting goals based on time such as length of inspection