Jib Cranes

Jib cranes provide a good solution for material handling support in lieu of overhead bridge cranes. They can be sized to cover most light duty assembly and machining operations. Typical capacities range from small tool solution jib cranes of 150lbs up to 5 ton capacity jibs using I-Beam construction. Collector rings can be added to allow for 360° rotation on free standing jibs depending on the application.
Foundations are required for jibs of higher capacity. However, free standing work station jib cranes can be sized efficiently to bolt directly to your existing floor without the need of foundations. This is often achieved at capacities of 1,000lbs or less. These work station jibs have an enclosed track design which allows for easier trolley movement and are great for use with vacuum lifters, tool balancers, and small hoists.
If you cannot spare the floor space we also offer wall mounted and tie rod jib cranes. We can recommend which best suits your application best depending on headroom and capacity requirements.
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