Simmers Crane Design & Services

Simmers Crane Design & Services Company was founded in 1958 by Charles Simmers, former Chief Engineer with Koppers Co. and Vice President of Engineering with Morgan Engineering Company. Mr. Simmers recognized the need for a specialty engineering group to serve the steel industry, and was able to staff his group with engineering personnel from major crane and mill builders.

Initially providing engineering services only, Simmers became a Division of Pollock Research and Design, Inc. in 1966 and has expanded its' capabilities to include complete engineering services, field services, and materials for cranes, weight handling, mill, special, and category "A" nuclear equipment.

Providing services both domestically and internationally, Simmers, along with its' sister division Reading Crane & Engineering Co., is an OEM supplier.

Simmers is accredited by the U.S. Department of Labor to inspect, test, and certify Maritime shore based material handling devices such as cranes, derricks, spouts, etc. which require certification under Federal regulation 29 CFR Part 1918.

Industries served include: Steel, Heavy Fabrication, Manufacturing, Aluminum, Specialty Metals, Utility (Fossil Fuel, Hydro and Nuclear Plants), Paper, Construction, Automotive, Mining and Dockside Material Handling.

Featured Projects

Below The Hook

Automatic Latching Device for an Underwater Application

Below The Hook

Locomotive Engine Turbo Case BTH Lift Device


If you are looking for an alternative to the OEM's for design changes, capacity upgrades or engineering support, then Simmers is that alternative.

Fall Protection

Ask us about a custom designed fall protection system to reduce the risk of injury in elevated work environments without sacrificing mobility and safety.